Monday, January 3, 2011

New (old) pictures: Elliot and Carlton open their mission calls!

Sister Reininger sent me some terrific pictures.  As background for those unfamiliar with the process of how a young Mormon man or woman is called on a mission, the prospective missionary submits an application, which includes all kinds of information - approvals from local church leaders, medical and dental histories, language proficiency, and other information about the applicant.  The application is then reviewed by church leaders who determine where each prospective missionary will go.  They can go anywhere in the world and they have no idea where they will be assigned until the church sends an envelope with the official "call" signed by the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  So there is a fair amount of anticipation and anxiety associated with opening the envelope and reading the letter. 

Elliot and Carlton submitted their applications at about the same time and received their mission calls on the very same day.  Elliot's family was out of town that day so he went to Carlton's house where they opened their letters together.  Sister Reininger took these pictures and sent them to us.  One of them shows Elliot on the phone, presumably calling his parents to let us know where he was going!  Enjoy the pictures after the jump.

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