Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Somali pirates in Clinton?

For those of you who wait anxiously for the weekly blog post with Elliot's Monday email (that's probably just his mom and me!), you may be wondering why there was no post yesterday.  Did a tornado hit Clinton, Oklahoma, and cut off all email access?  Did Somali pirates capture Elliot and demand ransom?  Did the blog editor slack off on a holiday?  No, none of those things happened.  There were no tornadoes and the likelihood of Somali pirates in Clinton is quite remote.  We just never heard from him.  We suspect he's still settling into his new surroundings and got busy on his P-day (preparation day), which is often the busiest day of the week.  So with no news from Elliot, I though it would be fun to share a video news story from the Oklahoman, which offers one more good reason to be at church, especially if the pastor knows CPR!  Click on the link to see the video and we'll watch for an email from Elliot.

"Saved by CPR at Church"

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  1. That happened once when Justin was in SLC...I thought I was in the groove and didn't hang around the computer ALL THE TIME on P-days anymore, but when it didn't come I started scouring the newspapers for SLC drive-by's, kidnappings, and other crimes! Surely someone would've called??? Nah, just moved their p-day for the week, it came the next day...oh how we live for those emails!