Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carl Bloch: "The Master's Hand"

On Sunday, our favorite dentist, Larry Amelang, who is responsible for Elliot's toothy smile, spoke in church and mentioned his recent visit to an art exhibit at BYU.  The exhibit displays the works of Carl Heinrich Bloch, a Danish artist from the 1800s.  BYU has created a website for the exhibit, which includes five large altarpieces, which you can see here; I have also included them after the jump (below).  BYU Magazine also featured an extensive article about Bloch.  From the article:
From the New Testament scenes, Bloch moved on to large-scale religious paintings, including altarpieces for eight Lutheran church buildings in Denmark and Sweden. In altarpieces such as Christ Blessing the Little Child, Christus Consolator, and Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda, Bloch highlighted the intimate, personal nature of Jesus’ ministry. By connecting the church altar to Christ’s focus on the one, says Gravgaard, Bloch’s paintings invite parishioners to contemplate their own relationship to the Savior as they approach the altar, which she describes as “the table from which we have our communion, where we take part in the meal together with Christ.”
If you happen to be in Provo before the exhibit closes on May 7, be sure to see the exhibit, but you must make reservations in advance.

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