Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lots of April festivals in Oklahoma

It must be festival season in Oklahoma.  As a recent news report put it, "April is festi-full" (clever, right?).  I don't know if Elliot can get to any of these events on his preparation day.  But if you're planning to be in Oklahoma in April, there are some great events you have to look forward to.

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First, there is the Medieval Fair of Norman, held at Reaves Park in Norman on April 1-3.  Despite the rather scary looking guy pictured at right, this looks like a fun event.  Check out the video.

Next is the Muskogee Azalea Festival in Honor Heights Park in Muskogee throughout April.  According to the website, the azaleas normally start coming into a nice stage of bloom around the beginning of the second week of April and are usually at their height (or close to it) by the middle of the month.  The big event is the Azalea Festival Parade on April 9.

The Bare Bones Film Festival should be fun too.  Hosted at various venues throughout Muskogee, it features literally dozens of movies.  If you go, don't miss "Bob Wills Ain't Dead" (be sure to watch the rather long trailer).

April 16 is the date of the Cimarron Territorial Celebration and Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, featuring a parade, a chili cook-off, a chuck wagon feed, and, of course, the cow-chip-tossing competition.  That's all I'm going to say about that one!  Instead, I'll let Bill Geist of CBS tell the story in this CBS News videoSeriously, you have to watch this one.  It's a hoot.  Good fun in Oklahoma.  And yes, that really is a picture of a giant beaver holding a cow chip.

The Oklahoma Audobon Council hosts the annual Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival in Woodward on April 15-21.  What's a lesser prairie chicken?  Here's a picture.

The Green Frog Festival is April 15-16 in Wilburton.  The website says that "the Green Frog was actually a cafe in Wilburton from the 1930's to the early 1970's.  It had several owners over the years but was always a place to go for a hamburger after the ball game or picture show."  I'm not exactly sure what goes on at the festival but there will be food, entertainment, and the Green Frog Puddle Jump (a 5k run).

There are several arts festivals in Oklahoma in April, including festivals in Stillwater on 16-17, Walters on April 23, and Oklahoma City from April 26 to May 1.

April closes with the Norman Music Festival on April 28-30.  Should be a great month in Oklahoma!

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