Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update on missionaries in Japan

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (pictured at right) spoke at a press conference yesterday to give an update on the status of missionaries and members of the Church in Japan.  He said that all missionaries are being evacuated from areas of greatest concern:
Given the radiation issue, we have taken the precaution of moving them out of the immediate area of concern in the Sendai and Tokyo missions. We are moving the missionaries as safely as we can, given the transportation and infrastructure being what they are. No one’s panicking. We’re doing this in a calm and reasonable and very optimistic way.
Around 200 missionaries are being evacuated to other missions north and south of Sendai but will remain in Japan.  “We are moving them to very safe distances. Whatever the government is saying, we are doubling, we are tripling, that distance.”

He also spoke about the local members of the Church.  Of the approximately 125,000 Japanese members, all are safe and accounted for except for members in three congregations.  “We know of no loss of life of a member of the Church yet. That doesn’t mean that we won’t learn of that, but we don’t know of any at this point and we’re very, very grateful for that.”

Click here for further updates.  Also, you can watch Elder Holland's full press release after the jump. 

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