Monday, March 7, 2011

Elliot's March 7 email

Here's Elliot's latest email.


Yeah I've been hearing quite a bit about college ball actually. All the members out here love it and one even bore his testimony about how good it is to stand up for morals like BYU. He's an awesome member too, Bro. Poteet. We're gonna go to his place after this and probably play some basketball! Speaking of which, somehow I lost my blue basketball shoes, but I'm holding out hope they'll show up either at his place or at the YMCA.

I had a really slow week this past week, not gonna lie. It seemed like absolutely no one was home all week long. It was tough because me and my companion had been really trying to focus in on the Spirit more to know what to do. I dunno, I think it was just one of those weeks. The Malibu even had to be taken in to get fixed, costing us another like 2 hours of work as we had to sit in the dealership. Our seemingly most promising investigator dropped us. But we had a few other things that seemed like they could move forward. Saturday finally came by and the one lesson I was most excited for (we were gonna teach a new investigator family in the church) fell through. We had even just cleaned up the church to make sure everything was in order. I'll admit, I could have just gone and slept all the rest of that day. But we just kept going. We tracted for a while, which even though we didn't have extreme success or anything, still felt better. When we finally had enough of knocking doors we tried a potential investigator we found the week before who seemed promising. We knocked and no one answered. I remember just thinking "What are we doing wrong?" But then someone opened the door as we were walking off. It was David's brother, Francisco. We taught him, thinking he was David for half of the lesson (lol) and it was going alright. I think we were both not in super great of spirits and we didn't really want to invite him to be baptized (we're supposed to invite everyone to be baptized first lesson unless the Spirit directs otherwise). But I finally just decided that I had to. I said (in Spanish), "When you come to know the Book of Mormon is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?" He said "Yeah. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Otherwise, why would so many people believe in it?" Wow. I was so shocked. And I know I shouldn't have been. I should have had more faith. But it was just completely night and day difference from how our whole week had been. It was amazing. Then that night we got a referral for a guy who desperately wants to meet with us, and we have an appointment for tomorrow. It was just another example that we just need to keep moving forward. I really easily could have stopped after that appointment fell through on Saturday, but all the success we had that night and Sunday too would have been lost. We did have a pretty awesome day yesterday. We taught a total of 4 lessons. Just gotta keep on keeping on!

Anyway, I'm glad to hear everything's going well back at home! I've heard Five Guys is good, but In-N-Out is awesome. Although Braums out here in OK is something incredible too.

I love ya'll!


Elder Elliot Adair

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