Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mormon Messages: "Jarem Frye - Athlete, Amputee, Mormon"

There is little in his pre-mission life that Elliot loved more than his bike (pictured at right).  It's a single-speed/fixie that he preferred to ride without a brake.  He took it to BYU with him (which explains the snow in the picture) and rode all over campus and around Provo.  That's where he also had a close encounter with a Provo driver.  It's never fun to get a call from your son saying he just got hit by a car!  Fortunately, he was fine and the car suffered worse damage than either Elliot or his bike.

With Elliot's love of cycling, I'm sure he'd like to know Jarem Frye.  Jarem is featured in a Mormon Messages video (below) that describes how losing a leg at age 14 to bone cancer did not stop him from becoming a telemark skier, rock climber, wakeboarder, and mountain biker.  Jarem is also a return mssionary (he went to England), a husband and father, and the founder of his own prosthetics design and manufacture company.  I enjoyed Jarem's concluding comments on his profile:
I realized that my simple trust in the Savior had allowed the burdens of my illness to be lifted from me, and absolved in His atonement! It had never clicked for me before, that an infinite atonement could not only save me from sin, but also deliver me from sadness, despair, illness, and pain.

Since that time I have tried to remember that simple principle and apply the atonement of Christ in every part of my life. Every aspect of my life has been a blessing from God! I believe that He has endless blessings for all of us. Some are disguised as challenges and many are difficult to recognize as blessings, but with His help, and just a little bit of faith on our part, blessings we never would have imagined are available to us.
Enjoy Jarem's video after the jump.

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