Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missionaries in Japan are safe and accounted for

Parents of Mormon missionaries send their sons and daughters off to places near and far throughout the world, trusting that they will be fine while they are gone.  But the world can be a scary, dangerous place.  We sent Elliot to Oklahoma knowing that it is one of the world's tornado hotbeds but we're confident that he'll return home safely in one piece.

As parents of a missionary, we sympathize with the parents of missionaries serving in Japan.  The earthquake has been devastating, far more so than anything we have experienced in earthquake-prone Southern California.  The first official report from the Church indicated that all missionaries in five out of six Japanese missions had been accounted for, but eight missionaries in the Sendai area could not be immediately contacted.  A day later, the Church reported that all the missionaries had been accounted for and were safe, thankfully.  The Church website includes an audio interview with Conan Grimes, a missionary serving in Japan with his wife, Cindy.

The latest report included a message from the First Presidency:
We express our love and support to the people of Japan as they deal with this terrible tragedy. Our prayers, and the prayers of millions of Latter-day Saints across the world, are with them as they begin to recover from this disaster.
The Church is still trying to contact a few members and is assessing damage to Church property.  It is also discussing with government and humanitarian organizations ways to provide assistance.  Check the Church newsroom for futher updates.

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