Monday, March 14, 2011

Elliot's March 14 email and pictures

Here's the latest message from Elliot.  Sounds like he had a much better week last week and will be busy in meetings all this week.  And he sent some pictures, which you can see after the jump.


Well that's awesome that Kyle's heading to the MTC. [Kyle Hill of Newhall First Ward is going to Rome on his mission. He reports to the Missionary Training Center this week.] He'll have a blast and we'll have a crazy amount of missionaries out from our ward. Like 10? That's a lot.

I'm actually writing from Oklahoma City today. There's a Leadership Training Meeting all week from Tuesday to Friday. I'm not quite sure why I'm going, I'm still a junior companion, but President Taylor knows what he's doing! It's weird leaving the area alone for a whole week, I just hope the work doesn't slow down too much. I don't think it will, we already have like 6 appointments set up between next Friday and Saturday.

We had a really awesome week. We set really high goals for ourselves to get 3 lessons taught to investigators with a member present and 9 more lessons taught to investigators with 3 new investigators. These were really high goals, but we really wanted to push ourselves, especially since the week before was so slow. So we went out in faith knowing that the Lord could help us accomplish these goals. We ended up teaching 3 member present lessons, 9 others, and we got 4 new investigators. On Thursday we even taught a total of 7 lessons, the most I've ever taught in a single day. It really was incredible. We've gotten a lot of things going now in our area, so things are looking up! We also got to get out to Dill City, a very, very small town in our area which was fun. There was a Rambo street. Pictures are included [after the jump].

We have this one new investigator in particular that I'm excited about. He has family that's Mormon in Utah that have been encouraging him to start reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. He's going through a lot right now: a divorce, money problems, and just general problems. But he is very excited about coming to church and learning more. I think that often we have to be brought low in order to be brought higher. So I have very good hopes for him.

Everything is going okay here. I'm healthy, happy, and excited to play some basketball today! And I did find my blue shoes, so no worries. I'll pretty much be in meetings all week, but sometimes that's just what you gotta do!

Love yall!

Elder Elliot Adair

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